D&H Engineering Group
  • We operate globally

  • Certifications

    ISO 9001:2015; IATF 16949:2016

  • Precision machining CNC

  • We operate globally

  • Certifications

    ISO 9001:2015; IATF 16949:2016

  • Precision machining CNC

Quality policy

Market Policy
We try our best to make people associate our products with the finest quality.  Our actions are characterised by business honesty, reliability and broadly defined innovativeness.  Our main goal is full satisfaction of our customers

Quality Policy


D&H Engineering prefers team-based approach to quality management.  To provide products of the finest quality, the company uses the most advanced tools available on the market.

Ethical Code


Our ethical code clearly orders us to be fair in business.  Due to these actions, we gain trust and credibility of our associates and partners.  Good reputation of the company is created by each individual employee, his or her honesty in undertaken decisions and actions.

Environmental and Safety Policy

The priority of D&H Engineering in terms of environmental and safety policy is to conduct our activity in a friendly manner for both human beings and the environment. Under the adopted policy, we ensure:

– taking environmental and safety issues into consideration at each level of management, creation of positive attitude among our employees towards health and safety, as well as increasing environmental awareness,

– using technical and organisational development in implementation of new technologies to avoid contamination of the environment, as well as to prevent accidents, occupational diseases and accidents-incidents-near misses,

– compliance with existing regulations in terms of environmental protection, health and safety,

– running rational and environmental friendly waste management trough segregation, securing, recycling or disposal

Environmental Protection Policy

We actively support ecologic programmes of the society.  In our processes we use the most advanced, high-performance and energy saving machines.  We try to minimise negative consequences to environment with processes, which take the environmental impact into account, help to reduce effects of the global warming, and use secondary materials that can be easily utilised.

Community Policy


D&H Engineering is an integral part of the society in which it exists. We believe that satisfaction of our employees has huge impact on development and functioning of our company.  Firstly, we focus on training of our staff, yet our help is suited to local needs and priorities.

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